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September 15th - October 15th Is 
Hispanic Heritage Month

This month-long celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month recognizes the contributions of those whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America.


May Is The Asian-American Pacific Islander Heritage Celebration

From the first documented settlers in the late 1500s until current day, Asian Americans and Pacific Islander Americans have offered their talents, experiences, and ideas to enrich our communities and our country as a whole. Learn more here. 

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February Is Black History Month

McKinney Democrats board member Tonya Babers Dangerfield recently asked our entire leadership to join her in an active exploration of Black History Month.  

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June Is Pride Month

Pride is a time to remind the world that our community is full of LGBTQ+ individuals who deserve our respect and acceptance.


March Is Women's History Month

As we celebrate the amazing history of women’s success, let us determine what tools are needed to continue this march toward progress.