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The Dobbs Decision Is a "Curtailment of Women’s Rights, and of Their Status as Free and Equal Citizens"*

Women have long been treated as “less than”, but even with a despicable history of misogyny, the overturning of Roe V. Wade is simply horrifying in its flat-out denial of basic civil rights. Although even cadavers cannot be forced to donate organs no matter whose life those organs might save, women (even young girls) are no longer in control of their own bodies and can be forced to bear a child. From now on … from the moment of fertilization and no matter the consequences, a woman ceases to matter except as a womb.


Even worse, people may be fined, jailed, and criminalized (some lawmakers promote death) for making, or helping to make, healthcare decisions that others have decided are illegal. Individual rights to privacy will be a thing of the past. Women and marginalized genders will become fodder for a justice system that will penalize them for their healthcare decisions, perhaps turning them into felons … and thus taking away their right to vote. 


After this latest decision, the Supreme Court will examine other rights:  same-sex marriage; inter-racial marriage; birth control. Who knows what rights will be next on the chopping block from Republican radicals who, after all, lied to be confirmed to the Supreme Court and were installed by a man who instigated an insurrection rather than admit he lost a fair election.


We will not accept this. We choose to fight for democracy instead! 


The McKinney Area Democrats will continue working with local leaders to elect DEMOCRATS who believe all people, no matter their gender, are fully capable human beings who can make important healthcare decisions without politicians or radicalized zealots interfering. We will educate voters about the clear and present danger of voting for today’s radicalized Republican Party at any level for any office. We will protect our democracy by registering voters at marches and candidate rallies so we can vote out extremists and protect the civil rights of all of us. 


We can all do something to fight for our way of life. You can:

  • Run for office (we can help train and prepare you ... just email us here

  • Knock on 10 doors in your neighborhood (we have the information to help you do that ... you can email us here

  • Text voters (email us for more information)

  • Become a VDR to help register voters (you can find more information here)

  • Donate  to Collin County House District candidates who will protect our civil rights (links below)

  • Have uncomfortable conversations with your friends and family members about why this is vital to YOU

  • VOTE. And bring as many friends to the polls with you as you can (you can check if you're registered here)


None of us can do this alone. BUT WE ARE NOT ALONE. There are more of us than them!


November 2022 is a watershed election. It will, quite literally, decide the future of our county, our state, and our country. Whoever is in charge after this November election decides who is free … and who is not. Time to get to work. 

Collin County Democratic House District Candidates 

Sheena King, candidate for House District 61:

Jesse Ringness, candidate for House District 66:

Kevin Morris, candidate for House District 67:

Mihaela Plesa, candidate for House District 70:

Contact us : McKinney Area Democratic Club Board of Directors:


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Y'All Means All

If we want real change to happen in our county, our state, and our country, we must first create change in our cities and our neighborhoods.


McKinney Democrats is a grassroots organization working to be visible and active in our community so we can gain the necessary power to strengthen our neighborhoods from the ground up.​ Our ultimate goal is to elect Democrats who will represent our values of equal opportunity for all.


We need YOU to help us in this vital work. All are welcome … no requirement needed other than identifying as a Democrat! Please join today.  

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A Message from Elizabeth Michel,
President McKinney Democrats

Hi All.

I hope you're doing well in this crazy time. Things are scary, and the future is unknown. What's not unknown is this: states with Democratic leadership are the ones that believe the scientists, take proactive steps to protect residents, and fight for those who need help the most. Republican-led Texas was behind the curve on the COVID pandemic, advocated for a failing electrical grid that allowed our fellow Texans to freeze to death, weakened gun laws that could have protected us from mass shootings, and has fought to take away basic civil liberties. When our next elections roll around, please remember who had YOUR back and vote accordingly. Vote Blue.

Elizabeth Michel, President

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