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Y'All Means All

If we want real change to happen in our county, our state, and our country, we must first create change in our cities and our neighborhoods.


McKinney Democrats is a grassroots organization working to be visible and active in our community so we can gain the necessary power to strengthen our neighborhoods from the ground up.​ Our ultimate goal is to elect Democrats who will represent our values of equal opportunity for all.


We need YOU to help us in this vital work. All are welcome … no requirement needed other than identifying as a Democrat!

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Whether out volunteering, registering voters, or supporting local businesses, we can do it while wearing our popular and comfortable MADC shirt.


In celebration of PRIDE month, the McKinney Area Democrats reimagined our regular shirt design to showcase our support for our LGBTQ community.


Our brand-new design for 2023 arrived a little early. Lucky us! Take a look at this "Y'all Means All" layered on top of a bright blue state of Texas (our dream!).

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Speaking Up! 
The Voices of McKinney Democrats

A Message from Elizabeth Michel,
President McKinney Democrats

Hi All.

I hope you're doing well in this crazy time. Things are scary, and the future is unknown. What's not unknown is this: states with Democratic leadership are the ones that believe the scientists, take proactive steps to protect residents, and fight for those who need help the most. Republican-led Texas was behind the curve on the COVID pandemic, advocated for a failing electrical grid that allowed our fellow Texans to freeze to death, weakened gun laws that could have protected us from mass shootings, taken away our freedom to control our own medical decisions, and has fought to strip Texans of basic civil liberties. When our next elections roll around, please remember who had YOUR back and vote accordingly. Vote Blue.

Elizabeth Michel, President

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